Russian Energy Monthly surveys the oil, gas, coal and electricity industries of Russia, and also contains information on other CIS states and the countries of Eastern Europe. It has sections on Companies, Exploration, Production, Transportation, Refining, Trade, Consumption, Electricity and Politics. It has 30 pages.

Russian oil production has grown strongly in recent years, and is forecast to grow from 491 mn t in 2007 to 565 mn t/yr by 2020. The upgrading of oil refineries means that Russia will be able to achieve rapid economic growth while exporting nearly all the increase in oil output. Sales to traditional markets in Western Europe will continue to grow, and there should be a very rapid increase in exports to the Far East with pipelines planned for construction to Japan and China. A project to build a new export terminal at Murmansk could allow exports of up to 90 mn t/yr to North America.

Gas production is forecast to rise from 653 BCM in 2007 to 760 BCM/yr by 2020, and could increase further if plans to liquify gas for export to new markets prove feasible. There are plans to develop the Shtokmanovskoye field in the Barents Sea with 3,200 BCM of reserves, and liquify the gas for export. New gas pipelines are under construction across Poland to Germany, and the North European Pipeline is planned to run under the Baltic Sea to Germany, Holland and Britain.

Russia will be an increasingly powerful player on the world oil and gas market and no investor can afford to ignore it.

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