» September 2005
The September 2005 issues of Russian Energy Monthly, Kazakhstan Energy Monthly, Caucasus Energy Monthly and Central Asia Energy Monthly have been published.

The September issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Russian fuel output in January-August
Q4 plan
2006 plan
Electricity in 8 months
Kaliningrad power station
New power station in Belgorod
Nuclear power output by Rosenergoatom
Ukrainian coal and power in January-July
January-July oil prices
Russian gasoline price freeze
Volgograd filling stations
Petrozavodsk gas pipeline
Ukrainian oil products
Latvian gasoline crisis
Rosneft credits
Rosneftegaz loan
Lukoil finances
YUKOS court defeat
Samaraneftegaz tax demand
Sibneft purchase by Gazprom?
TNK-BP in 2005
Gazprom plans
Gazprom investment in 2005
YeES net profit
Rosenergoatom credit
Neftegaz Ukrainy
Oil taxes
Foreign trade in January-July
Oil export duty
Energy trade in January-July
Oil exports
CIS oil exports in August
Oil transit through Ukraine
Russneft diesel exports
Vysotsk oil export stopped by Lukoil
Oil scam at Vysotsk?
LNG exports to USA
Single oil shipment tariff
Taishet-Perevoznaya pipeline
Murmansk pipeline
Odessa-Brody pipeline
Oil transport JV
Gas exports
Gas for Germany
North European Gas Pipeline
Blue Stream
Ukrainian gas transit
Gazprom acquires gas storage facility from Verbundnetsgaz
Coal exports
Vysotsk coal port
Electricity for China
Production sharing agreements
China: Gazprom and CNOOC
China: Nuclear cooperation
Finland: Power line plan
Iran: Tatneft suspends project
Iraq: Russian bribes?
Italy: Gazprom investment
Italy: ENEL to buy Mosenergo?
Japan: Cooperation opportunities
Libya: Ukrainian PSA
Norway: Hydro Shtokmanovskoye plan
Sweden: West Siberian Resources Ltd
UK: Official visit
USA: Putin discussion with Chevron
USA: Lukoil and ConocoPhillips
Vietnam: Silovye Mashiny contract
Vietnam: Nuclear station
Gas distribution
Gas powered vehicles
Oil refining in January-August
Volgograd coking plant
Ukraine nitrogenous fertiliser
Mazeikiu Nafta
Barents Sea
Lukoil reserves
Gazprom marine surveys
Kovykta licence
Licence confiscations?
Saratov licence revoked
Itera in Kalmykiya
Cost recoupment law
Russia in January-August
Ukrainian pipe
Bulgaria: Oil imports, Burgas-Alexandropolis pipeline
Czech Republic: Aral filling stations, Skoda contract, Oil data January-June.
Hungary: MOL Tupras bid fails, Siberian JV, Falcon Oil and Gas.
Macedonia: Itera power station
Poland: New gas pipeline
Romania: Oil imports, Electricity company sale, Rompetrol Rafinare

The index for Volume 2 of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly

Foreign companies
AES N1 p10, N5 p12, N8 p12,
Agip KCO N1 p3, N2 p4, N4 p3, N6 p7, N10 p7,
Altius N10 p1,
Aral Petroleum N5 p3, N 12 p5
Arawak Energy No10 p1,
Atyrau Pipe Plant N6 p12,
Aurado Exploration N11 p5
Azerifugro N10 p3
BG Group N3 p2, N4 p3 p4, N5 p3, N6 p7,
Big Sky Energy Atyrau Ltd N4 p4,
Bogatyr Access Komir N1 p6, N12 p8
Burren Energy Shipping N8 p9,
CanArgo N5 p3,
Caspian Energy Ltd N5 p3,
Caspian Gas Corporation N112 p4
Caspian Holding N10 p3, N11 p7,
Caspian Pipeline Consortium N1 p6, N7 p9, N9 p7, N10 p9,
CNODC N4 p10, N11 p1,
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz N1 p2 p7, N2 p6, N3 p2, N7 p6, N8 p2, N11 p7
Compagnie Generale de Geophysique N4 p5,
ExxonMobil N7 p5,
FIOC N4 p6,
Gazprom N4 p1, N10 p3, N11 p3, N12 p4
GE Energy N10 p2,
Halliburton N1 p4,
Karachaganak PO N1 p5, N2 p3 p6, N3 p7, N5 p3, N7 p10, N10 p6, N11 p1, N12 p6
Karazhanbasmunai N2 p4, N4 p4, N6 p6, N7 p2, N12 p4
Keppel Kazakhstan N2 p5, N3 p1,
Kazakhoil-Aktobe N2 p6, N3 p5, N6 p6, N9 p1,
Kazakhstan Pipeline Ventures N2 p6,
Kellog Brown and Root N8 p11,
Korean National Oil Corporation N7 p4,
Kozhan LLP N5 p7, N9 p4,
Lukoil N3 p4, N5 p4, N8 p2, N10 p3,
Maersk Oil N4 p5, N11 p5,
Mangistaumunaigaz N4 p4, N5 p3, N10 p4, N12 p7
Marubeni Corporation N12 p1
Middle East Petroleum N4 p9,
MOL N4 p6, N11 p5
Nations Energy N7 p2, N10 p2,
Neftegaz Ukrainy N11 p7
Nelson Resources N3 p5, N4 p4, N5 p3, N9 p1,
Oman Oil N4 p6, N7 p5,
OMV N7 p5,
Orenburg Gas Plant N3 p5, N5 p11, N7 p11, N11 p3, N12 p4
Parker Drilling N4 p3, N8 p4 p5,
PetroCanada N4 p6,
PetroKazakhstan N1 p9, N2 p1 p5, N4 p11, N5 p1 p10, N6 p6, N7 p2, N8 p2, N10 p3 p4, N11 p2, N12 p5 p7
PetroKhazar N2 p3,
Petrom N8 p6,
Rosneft N5 p5, N11 p4,
Saipem N10 p2,
Shell N2 p6, N3 p4, N7 p4,
Stroitransgaz N1 p8, N9 p9, N10 p12
Tengizchevroil N1 p1, N2 p4 p6, N4 p9, N5 p4 p7 p9, N6 p6, N8 p1, N9 p5, N10 p1,
Tohoku Electric Power N1 p9, N11 p10
Total N1 p3, N10 p6,
Transmeridian Exploration N11 p5,
Vitol Central Asia N12 p8
Western GECO N7 p5,
Wintershall N4 p5,
YUKOS N4 p4, N5 p7, N11 p5

Kazakh companies
Ai-Dan Munai N3 p3, N5 p3, N9 p4,
Aksaispetsmontazh N2 p3,
Atyrauneftemash N2 p4, N12 p12
Atyrau Polymer Plant N12 p11
Azimut Energy Services N5 p4,
BMB Munai N10 p3, N11 p3
BN Munai LLP N5 p3,
Caspian Shipping Company N3 p7,
EmbaMunaiGaz N1 p1,
Eurasian Energy Corporation N1 p6, N4 p11,
Geo-Teniz N10 p2,
Intergaz Central Asia N1 p6, N3 p6, N4 p3 p8, N5 p8, N7 p1, N8 p4,
GIS N8 p10,
Kazakhstankaspiishelf N4 p5, N5 p4, N7 p4, N8 p4,
Kazatomprom N1 p10, N2 p11, N8 p11, N11 p11
Kazkhimmontazh N3 p9,
Kazmortransflot N1 p6, N2 p9, N4 p8, N5 p9, N6 p11, N8 p8, N9 p6, N10 p6, N12 p8
KazMunaiGaz N1 p1 p4, N5 p1, N10 p1 p8, N11 p1 p4, N 12 p3 p6
Kaznafta N3 p7,
Kazneftegazmash N7 p12
Kazneftekhim N12 p4
Kazstroiservis N3 p5,
KazTransGaz N1 p8, N2 p10, N3 p6, N11 p2, N12 p8
KazTransOil N1 p6, N4 p7, N8 p8, N9 p5, N12 p8
KEGOC N1 p9, N3 p10, N5 p12, N8 p11, N9 p9,
Konstruktor N8 p10,
KOR N9 p4,
Petropavlovsk Munaimash N5 p11, N9 p9,
Razvedka i Dobycha N2 p1, N10 p1 p4,
Ulbinsk Metallurgical Plant N6 p12,
Ust Kamenogorsk Valve Plant N5 p11
UzenMunaiGaz N1 p1, N2 p4, N4 p6,
Zhaiykteploenergo N1 p9,

Joint ventures
ANAKO N11 p4
Arman N9 p1,
Caspian Oil & Gas Company N12 p5
Embavedoil No10 p1
Karakudukmunai N4 p4, N9 p1,
KATKO N3 p11,
Kazgermunai N2 p2, N5 p2, N8 p9,
Kazpolmunai N2 p4,
KazRosGaz N1 p5, N2 p9, N3 p1, N9 p8,
Kazturkmunai N5 p7, N12 p4
Kuatamlon N10 p8
North West Pipeline Company MunaiTas N3 p6, N4 p7, N5 p8,
Tenge N4 p6, N6 p6, N12 p7
Tolkynneftegaz N2 p4,
Turgai Petroleum N2 p1 p6, N10 p4, N11 p2,

Oil & gas fields
Aksaz N10 p3, N11 p3
Akshabulak N2 p2 p10, N3 p9, N5 p2, N8 p3,
Aktas N1 p1, N8 p6,
Aktota N3 p4, N4 p5, N9 p2,
Akzhar N10 p1
Alibekmola N2 p6, N3 p5,
Amangeldy N6 p1, N7 p7, N10 p6, N12 p2
Arman N2 p6,
Aryskum N2 p1, N5 p2, N8 p3, N12 p6
Atashskii N5 p4, N9 p2,
Atyrau Block N4 p4,
Bektas N10 p6
Bezbolek N10 p1
Blinovskoye N3 p3, N9 p4,
Borankol N2 p4, N9 p7,
Chinarevskoye N6 p2,
Darkhan N11 p5
Dauletaly N4 p5,
Dolinnoye N10 p3, N11 p3
Dongelek N2 p1,
Doshan N5 p2, N8 p3, N12 p6
Dunga N2 p4, N3 p9, N4 p6, N11 p5
Dzhusali N8 p6, N9 p4,
Emir N11 p3
Fedorovsk N4 p6, N5 p7, N11 p5
Imashevskoye N6 p1, N10 p3
Kairan N3 p4, N4 p5, N9 p2,
Kalamkas N3 p4, N6 p1, N9 p2,
Karachaganak N1 p5, N3 p5, N4 p1, N6 p1, N8 p6, N9 p8, N10 p6,
Karamandybas N1 p1,
Karataikyz N10 p1
Karatal N4 p5,
Karazhanbas N10 p2
Kashagan N1 p3, N6 p1 p7, N7 p4, N8 p4, N9 p1, N10 p2, N11 p4, N12 p1 p5
Kenkiyak N2 p5, N3 p2, N4 p7,
Khvalynsk N3 p4, N11 p5, N12 p5
Kokzhide N12 p8
Kolzhan N2 p1, N5 p2, N8 p3,
Komsomolskoye N8 p6,
Konya N10 p6
Korolevskoye N5 p4, N6 p2,
Kumkol East N2 p1, N5 p2,
Kumkol North N2 p1, N8 p3,
Kumkol South N1 p9, N2 p1, N3 p9, N4 p10, N10 p4, N11 p7
Kurmangazy N1 p3, N4 p5, N5 p5, N9 p2, N11 p4 p5
Kyzylkiya N2 p1, N5 p2, N8 p3, N12 p6
Laktybai N3 p9, N5 p7, N12 p4
Liman-2 N4 p4, N11 p5
Maibulak N2 p1, N5 p2,
Martyshi N2 p6,
Morskoye N4 p5, N5 p7, N10 p6
North Buzachi N2 p4,
North Nurali N2 p1, N5 p2,
Prorva N6 p1,
Rakushechnoye-More N11 p5
Shagyrly-Shomyshty N6 p1, N12 p4
Sinelnikovsk N8 p6,
Tasbolat N1 p1, N2 p4, N6 p2, N8 p6,
Temir Block N4 p5,
Tenge N6 p1,
Tengiz N3 p4, N5 p6 p7, N6 p1, N8 p1, N10 p4, N12 p7
Teplovsko-Tokarevskoye N6 p1,
Tolkyn N2 p4, N9 p5,
Tsentralnoye N3 p4, N 12 p5
Turkmenoi N8 p6,
Tyub-Karagan N5 p4, N7 p4, N9 p2, N10 p2, N12 p1
Urikhtau N6 p1,
Uzen N1 p1, N3 p9, N6 p1 p8,
Vostochnyi Uzen N1 p1,
Yuzhnyi Alibek N5 p6, N11 p5
Yuzhnyi Zhetybai N6 p1,
Yuzhnoye Karatobe N5 p7,
Zaburunye N4 p5, N10 p2
Zapadnyi tenge N1 p1
Zhamansu N2 p2, N5 p2, N8 p3, N12 p6
Zhambyl N4 p5, N6 p8, N10 p2
Zhanazhol N2 p6, N3 p3, N6 p1 p10,
Zhankyr N9 p4,
Zhemchuzhina N11 p5, N12 p1
Zhengeldy N10 p3, N11 p7
Zhetybai N6 p1,

Atasu-Alashankou N1 p7, N2 p7, N3 p8, N4 p10, N5 p10, N7 p10, N10 p11, N11 p9, N12 p2
Atyrau-Samara N12 p2
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan N1 p7, N2 p7, N3 p8, N7 p10, N11 p10
Bozoi UGR N6 p4, N7 p11,
Bukhara-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty N6 p4, N7 p6,
Bukhara-Urals N3 p3, N6 p4,
Central Asia-Centre N1 p8, N6 p4, N10 p6
Ishim-Astana-Karaganda N9 p7,
KAM N2 p2, N11 p8
Karachaganak-Atyrau N2 p6, N3 p7, N7 p10,
Karachaganak-Chingirlau N5 p9,
Karachaganak-Orenburg N5 p11,
Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline N 7 p11, N11 p10
Kazakhstan-Iran oil pipeline N11 p10
Kenkiyak-Atyrau N2 p3, N3 p6, N4 p7, N5 p8,
Odessa-Brody N2 p8, N12 p12
Poltoratskoye-Samsonovka N3 p9,
Potoratskoye UGR N6 p4,
Tashkent-Almaty N3 p9,
Tengiz-Novorossiisk N1 p7, N2 p6, N3 p6, N5 p10, N7 p9, N10 p9, N11 p7, N12 p2 p12
Trans-Iranian pipeline N3 p8,
Uzen-Aktau Gas Pipeline N6 p4
Zhanazhol-KS13 N3 p3,

Aktau N2 p7, N3 p1, N5 p10, N6 p12, N8 p8, N10 p7, N12 p8
Atasu N2 p2, N5 p2,
Dzhusaly N2 p2, N5 p2, N8 p3,
Kuryk N10 p7, N11 p8
Neka N2 p5, N3 p7, N7 p9, N8 p8, N11 p8
Tekesu N2 p2,

Akshabulak LPG Plant N8 p9,
Atyrau N2 p4, N4 p8, N7 p7, N10 p8, N12 p1 p9
Pavlodar N4 p8, N10 p8, N12 p9
Shymkent N1 p6, N2 p2, N4 p8, N5 p2, N8 p9, N10 p8
Tengiz Gas Plant N6 p2,
Uzen Gas Plant N6 p2,
Zhanazhol Gas Plant N3 p9, N6 p2 p10, N7 p6,

Aksu (Yermak) N1 p6, N2 p10, N4 p11,
Ekibastuz No.1 N1 p9, N2 p10, N5 p12, N12 p3 p8
Ekibastuz No.2 N7 p12,
Karaganda GRES N4 p12, N5 p12,
Kumkol N1 p9
Moinak N9 p10, N11 p12
North-South power line N4 p11,
Petropavlocsk CHPP No 12 p3
Sogrinsk CHPP N1 p10,
Uralsk CHPP N1 p9, N2 p11,
Ust Kamenogorsk CHPP N8 p12,
Zhanazhol Gas Turbine N10 p12

Bogatyr N1 p5, N12 p8
Ekibastuz N2 p4 p9, N12 p3
Karaganda N2 p4, N5 p7, N12 p3
Ubagan N2 p4,
Vostochnyi N1 p6, N4 p6,

The index for Volume 2 of Central Asia Energy Monthly


ABB N1 p9
Achak Dir of Drilling N1 p4, N2 p4, N3 p2, N4 p2, N6 p5, N7 p3, N8 p3,
Akhalgazdobycha N6 p6,
American Geological Services Inc N6 p5,
Asia Caspian Engineering Co N3 p4,
Balkanenergo N1 p9
Balkangazosnabzhenie N1 p9,
Balkanneftegazstroi N3 p3, N9 p3,
Balkanneftegeofizika N2 p1, N7 p1,
Bentec N3 p3,
Bothli Trade AG N3 p8,
Buried Hill Energy N4 p9, N8 p2,
Burneftegaz N1 p4, N2 p5, N3 p3, N6 p3, N7 p2, N9 p2, N9 p4,
Burren Energy N5 p2, N9 p1,
Caspian Drilling Company N4 p2, N10 p1,
Caspro Pipeline Service AG N1 p7, N6 p6,
Caterpillar N2 p6,
Chalyk Energy N3 p3, N7 p2, N9 p9,
Chemlube International N6 p7,
Chevron Oronite N5 p4,
Chinese Oil Corp for Tech and Dev N2 p6, N5 p3,
Chiyoda N4 p5,
Dashoguzgazupzhunchilik N6 p10,
Dashoguzneftegazstroi N3 p5, N4 p5,
Dashoguzulgamgurlushik N5 p7,
Dragon Oil N1 p2, N2 p2, N4 p1, N5 p2, N6 p1, N7 p2, N8 p3, N11 p1 p2 p3, N12 p1,
Edeleanu N4 p7,
Ekerem Dir of Explor Drilling N1 p3, N2 p1, N3 p1,
Emerol Ltd N4 p6, N6 p7,
Enex Process SA N1 p7, N2 p5, N4 p5,
E.ON N10 p5,
European Technology Development Srl N6 p8,
Farab Oil & Gas Explor Exped. N3 p1, N7 p1,
Foster Wheeler N4 p6,
Foxboro N4 p6,
Galkynyshnebit N3 p3,
Gama N10 p4,
Gamyshljaneft N2 p5, N3 p1,
Gazprom N1 p1 p8, N5 p6, N6 p9, N7 p5, N8 p7, N11 p6,
Goturdepeneft N1 p2, N2 p3, N6 p5, N7 p2,
Invensys Systems GmbH N6 p8,
Iranian Nat Eng & Const Co N2 p5,
Iranian Nat Gas Co N2 p8,
ITERA N1 p1, N7 p6, N10 p1,
JGC N4 p6,
Kapremontneftegaz N6 p3, N9 p2,
Keimir N3 p3,
Kuijik Dir of Explor Drill N3 p1 p2, N4 p3, N9 p4,
Kuvvat N1 p9, N6 p11, N7 p7, N8 p10, N9 p8,
Lebapgazdobycha N1 p5, N8 p3,
Lebapgeofizika N3 p1,
Lebapnebitgazgurlushyk N1 p5, N3 p5, N7 p3,
Lukoil N12 p1,
Maersk N4 p2, N10 p1,
MAN Ferrostaal N1 p8, N6 p4, N10 p2,
MAN Turbomaschin Schweiz N6 p8,
Mary Eng Plant N2 p9,
Marygazdobycha N1 p3, N4 p5, N6 p6,
Maryneftegazstroi N1 p5,
Merhav N6 p7, N9 p1,
Mitro International N4 p5,
MOL N3 p8,
Naftagaz Ukrainy N2 p8, N3 p8, N6 p9, N7 p6, N8 p7, N9 p7,
National Drilling Co of Iran N8 p3, N11 p1,
National Iranian Oil Eng Co N4 p6,
National Oil Well N7 p2,
Nebitdag Dir of Drilling N1 p2 p4, N2 p3,
Nebitdagneft N1 p2, N6 p4, N7 p2, N11 p3,
Nebitgazduipliabatkaiysh N1 p4, N2 p5,
Neftespetsmontazhstroi N1 p3, N3 p3,
NIS Naftagas N9 p3, N11 p3,
Nuovo Pignone N1 p2, N2 p3, N9 p3,
Pall GmbH N1 p7,
Parker Drilling N7 p2,
Parker Instrumentation N3 p4,
Pars Energy N4 p6 p8,
Petro Alliance Services N1 p2, N2 p2,
Petro Gas Fze N7 p6, N11 p4,
Petrogazaziya N1 p2, N2 p3, N3 p4, N7 p6,
Petronas N8 p1,
Qualitet N5 p4,
Rosneft N1 p1,
RosUkrEnergo N3 p7, N6 p9, N7 p6, N10 p6, N11 p8,
Saab N6 p8
Sercel N6 p3,
Silovye Mashiny N8 p10, N10 p9,
Som Petrol AS N6 p7,
Sulzer Chemtech N1 p7,
Sumy Engineering N1 p5, N2 p3,
Technip N4 p6 p7, N10 p4, N12 p3,
Thermo Design Engineering N1 p5, N3 p4, N5 p5,
Transocean Sedco Forex N8 p1,
Turkmenabat Dir of Explor Drilling N2 p4, N3 p1, N4 p2, N6 p5, N10 p1,
Turkmenbashishakhergaz N6 p10,
Turkmenburgaz N1 p4, N2 p4, N3 p4, N7 p1, N9 p4,
Turkmendokunkhimiya N6 p8, N7 p4 p5,
Turkmenmashingurlushik N1 p9, N7 p7, N9 p9, N12 p6,
Turkmenneft N1 p4, N6 p5,
Turkmenneftegaz N6 p7,
Turkmenneftegazstroi N2 p7, N7 p3,
Turkmen Yag N5 p4,
Ukrgazprombud N1 p7, N2 p3, N3 p4,
Ural Trans Gas N1 p8, N3 p8,
Western Geco N2 p1, N8 p2,
Wintershall N6 p2, N12 p3,
Yamalnefteotdacha N2 p5,
Zarit N1 p1, N4 p1, N6 p2, N10 p1,

Oil and gas fields
Akmai N7 p1,
Akpatlavuk (Al-Patlaukh) N1 p3, N2 p1, N7 p2,
Altyn Asyr N3 p1,
Ambar block N2 p3,
Bagaja N3 p4, N9 p4,
Barsa Gelmes N1 p2, N2 p3, N3 p4, N5 p2, N9 p3,
Bereketli N3 p1,
Bostan N6 p3,
Bovrideshik (Beurdeshik) N2 p4, N9 p4,
Burun N5 p2,
Chekichler N2 p1,
Cheleken N2 p1,
Chertak N8 p4,
Diyarbekir N8 p1,
Dortguldepe N4 p3, N10 p1,
Dovletabad N1 p3, N2 p5, N3 p4, N8 p4, N10 p1, N11 p1,
Farab N6 p3,
Garashsyzlygyk 10 iyly N1 p4, N2 p6, N6 p6, N10 p1,
Gazlydepe N1 p4, N6 p5, N7 p3, N8 p3, N9 p4,
Genjibek N6 p2, N9 p4,
Gerchek N2 p1,
Goturdepe (Koturdepe) N1 p2 p4, N2 p1 p3, N3 p3, N6 p3, N9 p3,
Gundogar Vostochnyi N2 p1,
Gunorta N2 p1,
Jeitun (Banka LAM) N1 p2, N2 p2, N4 p1, N5 p2, N6 p1, N7 p2, N8 p3, N10 p2, N12 p3,
Keimir N1 p3, N2 p1,
Kepe N9 p4,
Kirpichli N2 p4,
Kokdumalak N1 p2,
Kolyaka N1 p4, N2 p4, N9 p4,
Korpeje (Korpedzhe) N1 p4 p8, N3 p2, N4 p2, N5 p3, N6 p4, N7 p2, N9 p3, N10 p2 p3,
Koshekli N6 p3,
Kuijik N3 p1,
Makhtumkuli (Banka Livanova) P8 p1,
Malai N1 p4, N8 p4, N10 p1,
Metejan N6 p3,
Naip N3 p4,
Nebitlije N2 p1,
Osman N7 p1, N9 p4,
Ovez N8 p1,
Pirkui N3 p1,
Sag Kenar N6 p3,
Samandepe N6 p3, N11 p8,
Sandykly N2 p4, N4 p3,
Serdar N8 p1 p2,
Serpai N10p1,
Severnoye Balgui N5 p3, N7 p3,
Shatlyk N2 p6, N3 p4, N5 p3, N6 p6, N9 p4, N11 p4,
Shatut N2 p1, N3 p1,
Sundukly N6 p3,
Takhtabazar N8 p2,
Tejen N2 p6, N9 p4,
Vostochnyi Cheleken N1 p3, N4 p5,
Vostochnyi Serakhs N9 p4,
Yangui N3 p1, N4 p2,
Yashlar N2 p6, N9 p4,
Yashyldepe N3 p1, N6 p3, N7 p1 p3, N10 p2,
Yekechag N4 p3,
Yelgui N6 p5,
Yerburun N2 p4, N3 p2, N4 p2,
Yuzhnyi Gamyshlyja N1 p3, N2 p4, N6 p4,
Yuzhnyi Iolotan N2 p6,

Central Asia-Centre N1 p7, N3 p5, N6 p6, N8 p7, N10 p8, N11 p4,
Daryalyk CS N1 p5 p7,
Dovletabad-Daryalyk N1 p7,
Kaakha CS N6 p9,
Kizyl Arvat-Kazanjik N6 p9,
Korpeje-Jebel-Balkanabat N6 p4 p6, N11 p4,
Korpeje Kord Kuy N6 p4,
Korpeje-Turkmenbashi N5 p4,
Malai-Pelvert N8 p4,
Mollaker-Tejen N1 p5,
Naip-Daryalyk N1 p7,
Omsk-Pavlodar-Shymkent-Seydi N10 p4,
Turkmenabat-Pelvert N3 p5,
Turkmenistan-Pakistan N5 p6, N8 p8, N9 p8, N10 p8, N11 p8, N12 p6,
Zerger-Kalach N3 p5,

Refineries & petrochem plants
Bagaja Gas Plant N1 p6, N9 p5,
Darvaza Asphalt Plant N1 p6.
Gazachak Asphalt Plant N2 p5,
Khazar Chem Plant N1 p6,
Maryazot N2 p7, N3 p6, N6 p5, N8 p6, N9 p3 p5,
Naip Gas Plant N1 p5, N3 p6, N4 p7, N6 p8, N7 p3 p4, N8 p6, N10 p9,
Seidi N1 p5, N3 p5, N5 p5, N10 p4,
Tejen urea plant N1 p5 p6, N10 p5,
Turkmenabat Chem Ent N2 p7, N3 p6, N8 p6,
Turkmenbashi oil refinery N1 p5 p6, N2 p6, N3 p5, N4 p5, N5 p4, N6 p6, N7 p4, N8 p4, N9 p5, N10 p3,
Yashyldepe Gas Plant N5 p5,

Ports and terminals
Ekerem N2 p8, N6 p4, N7 p6, N11 p4, N12 p4,
Kenar N8 p6, N12 p4,
Kiyanly N3 p7, N4 p8,
Serakhs N4 p8,
Serkhetabad N4 p8,

Power stations
Abadan N2 p9, N5 p7, N9 p9, N12 p7,
Ashkhabad (Kopetdag) N7 p7, N11 p9, N12 p7,
Balkanabat N2 p9, N9 p9,
Dostlyk hydro station N11 p9,
Mary N1 p9, N2 p9, N7 p7, N8 p10, N9 p9, N10 p9 p10, N12 p7 p8,
Serdar sub station N6 p10,
Seydi CHPP N9 p9,
Turkmenbashi N4 p8
Yuzhnyi Gamyshlja N4 p9,

Electricity exports
Afghanistan N3 p9,
Iran N3 p9, N10 p10, N12 p7
Turkey N12 p7,


Avtogaz N3 p10, N5 p9,
China Petroleum Technology N8 p11,
Chinese Eximbank N3 p10,
CNPC N1 p11, N12 p8,
Ecoil technologies N3 p9,
Elektron Khisoblagich N7 p9,
Eriell Corp N4 p10,
Gazprom N1 p11, N9 p10,
Hobas Tapo N12 p12,
ITERA N1 p10, N3 p10,
Karshineftegaz N7 p10,
Lukoil N1 p10, N5 p10, N11 p10, N12 p11,
Lukoil Uzbekistan Op Co N6 p11,
Navoi Mining Combine N8 p12, N10 p10,
Norinco Chemical N8 p11,
Sofregaz N8 p11,
Sumy Engineering Plant N7 p9
Transormator N2 p12,
Ugol N5 p8, N11 p11, N12 p10,
Unico N7 p9,
Ural Turbine Plant N4 p10,
Uzbekenergo N3 p10, N12 p11,
Uzbekneftegaz N1 p10, N5 p10, N7 p8, N12 p9,
Uzelektro N2 p12,
Uzgeoburneftegazdobycha N1 p10, N5 p9,
Uzneftegazmash N5 p9,
Uzneftegazstroi N1 p10,
Uznefteprodukt N5 p8,
UzPEC N2 p10, N8 p11, N9 p10,
Uztransgaz N9 p10,
Uzvodenergo N4 p11,
Zeromax N7 p8, N10 p11, N11 p11, N12 p10,


Oil and gas fields
Adamtash N2 p10,
Akchalak N10 p10,
Arniyaz N8 p12,
Berdakh N2 p10,
Buzakhor N4 p10, N8 p12,
Dayakhatyn N3 p9, N8 p12,
Gazli N8 p11,
Kandym N1 p10, N5 p10,
Khauzak N1 p10,
Kokdumalak N2 p11, N3 p9, N7 p8, N8 p10,
Kultuk N8 p11,
Kyzylbarak N2 p10,
Pamuk N8 p11,
Shady N1 p10,
Shakhpakhty N2 p11, N3 p9, N8 p11, N10 p10,
Shurtan N7 p10, N8 p10 p11,
Urga N2 p10,
Ust Yurt block N5 p10, N10 p10,
Vostochnyi Buzakhor N4 p10,
Zevardy N8 p11,

Bukhara-Almaty N5 p11, N11 p12, N12 p12
Central Asia-Centre N7 p10,
Gazli UGSR N7 p11,

Bukhara N8 p11,
Mubarek Gas Plant N11 p10, N12 p10,
Shurtan N11 p10,

Power stations
Akhangaran Hydro N4 p11,
Andijan Hydro N4 p11,
Mubarek CHPp N11 p10,
Navoi N2 p10, N7 p10,
Novo-Angren N5 p8, N11 p10,
Syr Darya N2 p10, N5 p8, N11 p10,
Takhiatash N7 p10,
Talimarjan N7 p10, N12 p8 p11,
Tashkent N2 p10, N12 p11,
Tupolang N4 p11,

Angren N4 p11, N5 p9,


An-Bang N7 p11,
Batkenneftegaz N7 p11,
Elektricheskiye Stantsii N1 p12, N3 p12,
Gazprom N5 p11,
Kara Balta N2 p12, N5 p11,
Kyrgyz Petroleum Company N7 p12, N8 p12,
Kyrgyzgaz N1 p11, N5 p12,
Kyrgyzenergo N2 p12
Kyrgyzneftegaz N5 p11, N7 p11, N8 p12,
Kyrkazgaz N5 p11,
Proadtek N7 p11,
Shengli International N1 p12,
YeES N1 p12, N4 p12,

Kambar Ata power station N1 p11, N3 p12, N7 p12,
Maili-Suu uranium store N12 p12
Toktogul hydro station N1 p12, N7 p12,

Gazprom N3 p11, N6 p12,
Tajikgaz N6 p12,
YeES N5 p12,

Komsomolskoye gasfield N6 p12,
Shaambary gasfield N6 p12,
Vostochnyi Supetau N3 p11,

Batken-Sogdi power line N9 p12,
Rogun hydro station N5 p12, N9 p11,
Sangtudinsk hydro station N3 p11, N4 p12, N5 p12, N6 p12, N7 p12, N9 p11, N11 p12,

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