» June 2005
The June 2005 issues of Russian Energy Monthly, Kazakhstan Energy Monthly, Central Asia Energy Monthly and Caucasus Energy Monthly have been published.

The June 2005 issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains these articles:

Gazprom performance in 2004 and its plan for 2005
Russian energy production in January-May
Oil and gas production plan for the third quarter.
Economic growth forecast
Shale production by Leningradslanets at Slantsy
Yakutsk power station reconstruction
Prices of gas and electricity in 2006
New rate for pumping oil on Usa-Ukhta pipeline
Gazprom say plans for a liberalised gas market have been postponed.
Liquid gas distribution by Gazenergoset.
The price cap on Ukrainian oil products has been abolished
The Ukraine could pay $160/TCM for Russian gas next year
The price of Russian gas for Baltic states
Rosneft has been valued at $20-28 bn by Morgan Stanley.
All Rosneft shares have been transferred from Rosimushchestvo to Rosneftegaz.
YUKOS has paid $14 bn of its tax arrear bill.
Lukoil net profit in Q1
Geoilbent has been bought by Lukoil despite Broadwood objection.
Surgutneftegaz earnings in Q1
Sibneft net profit in Q1
Tyumen Oil Company net profit in Q1
Transneft accounts for 2004
Novatek sale to Total of France proceeding
Gazprom 10.74% stake valued.
Gazprom eurobond issue.
Gazprom and Lukoil have a strategic partnership agreement
Ukrgidroenergy loan from World Bank
YeES accounts for Q1
Audit Chamber considers Russian share in Caspian Pipeline Consortium
Changes to procedures for development of oil and gas fields.
Foreign trade in January-April
Oil exports in January-May.
Oil for China
Gas exports in January-May
Gas for China discussed by Gazprom and CNPC.
Gazprom opens British office to organise gas supplies for Britain
Gas exports to Turkey through Blue Stream pipeline.
Arctic oil pipeline considered by Transneft
Odessa-Brody pipeline throughput in May
Taishet-Perevoznaya pipeline constructioin base being prepared at Nizhneangarsk.
North European Gas Pipeline
Sovkomflot contract to transport LNG from Indonesia.
Ukrainian gas transit consortium plan.
Electricity exports to China from Bureya under consideration.
Ukrainian oil imports from Libya planned.
Sakhalin-2 contracts to supply LNG to Hiroshima Gas, Tokyo Gas, Tokyo Electric, Kyushu Electric, Tohoku Electric Power Company, Toho Gas, Baja Mexico and Kogas.
Exxon Neftegaz plan to export gas to China.
Gas transit agreement by Gazeksport and OMV AG.
PetroCanada and Gazprom discuss LNG plant.
Silovye Mashiny contract to build Baishi hydro station in China.
Fortum and Lenenergo cooperation over 45 years.
Gazprom to buy Fortum pipeline stake
Lukoil plans to build filling stations in Finland
Gazprom and Gas de France discuss cooperation.
Electricite de France Kalinin project.
Gazprom and Ruhrgas
Gazprom and Wintershall
Kudankulam nuclear station
Gazprom cooperation with Iran
Russian oil scam in Iraq?
TENEX nuclear fuel supply to Japan
Statoil and Hydro could help develop Shtokmanovskoye.
Saudi Arabia cooperation with Russia
Spain Minister in Moscow
SIP and Swedpower inspect Kola Nuclear Station
BP and Gazprom discuss LNG and Kovykta
Citigroup and Gazprom discuss share liberalisation.
Gutierrez visits Moscow to discuss LNG.
Lukoil cooperation with PdVSA of Venezuela, will bid for Rafael Urdaneta
Silovye Mashiny contract for Buon Kuop and Plei Krong hydro stations.
TNK-BP to provide Kovykta gas to Irkutsk
Gazprom and Lietuvos Dujos discuss Lithuanian projects.
Gazprom to build new pipeline to Kaliningrad
Russian refining in 5 months
Petrochemical production
Moscow oil refinery
ABB Lummus Global to send equipment to Nizhnekamsk
YUKOS stake in Mazeikiu Nafta
Arctic shelf reserves
Gas discoveries in 2004
Kamchatka referendum
Licence conditions not met by Arkhangelskgeoldobycha.
Sibneft reserves
Vorgamusyursk auction
Kovykta cooperation by TNK-BP and Gazprom.
Pipe production
TNK-BP deal with TMK
Ukrainian pipe war
Walking dragline built by OMZ for Eesti Polevkivi.
Bulgaria: Oil imports, Overgaz Inc
Macedonia: Lukoil to spend $50 mn
Poland: PKN Orlen, Grupa Lotos, EuRoPolGaz, Lenenergo, British Petroleum, PKE
Romania: Oil imports

The June 2005 issue of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly has articles on:

KazMunaiGaz revenue in 5 months
Kazgermunai fine for breach of Akshabulak licence
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz equipment purchase.
Karazhanbasmunai in Q1
British Gas fine for illegal export of Karachaganak condensate.
Ai-Dan Munai bought by CNODC of China.
Aziya Petroleum buys Kazneftekhim
Embamunaigaz and Anako owe tax arrears,
Bogatyr Access Komir joins coal and metallurgical union.
KazMunaiGaz survey of Kulandy Zapadnaya.
Kazakh energy production in May.
Output by KazMunaiGaz, Mangistaumunaigaz, Kazakhoil-Aktobe, Karakudukmunai and Buzachi Operating Company.
BMB Munai drilling Dolinnoye oilfield.
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz stops flaring at Kenkiyak,
Zhanazhol oilfield.
Tolkynneftegaz and Kazpolmunai at Tolkyn.
Tengizchevroil sulphur.
Conference on oil industry standards.
Kazakh investment in January-May.
KazTransOil and Intergaz Central Asia pipeline throughput
CPC pipeline
Kyzylkiya Akshabulak Maibulak pipeline
Bukhara-Almaty gas pipeline.
Mobilex Energy tanker
Atyrau refinery in 5 months.
Petrochemical potential
Marubeni benzene plan.
Foreign trade in April
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline
Oil pipeline across Iran?
Kazakh relations with Ukraine
Kazakh-Russian-Ukrainian alliance.
Caspian Pipeline Consortium says Kazakhstan is world oil power.
Japanese oil imports from Kazakhstan
AEGaz-Terminal plan for Kerch terminal.
Aktau oil terminal in January-May.
Foreign currency reserves
Kazakh electricity imports
Gas consumption by West Kazakhstan Province.
Munaimash of Petropavlovsk.
BOS Shelf JV
Electricity cooperation
Aksu-Pavlodar power line.
Kazatomprom loan
Production Sharing Agreements

The June 2005 issue of Caucasus Energy Monthly has the following articles:

British Petroleum at Chirag, Azeri and Shahdeniz.
SOCAR advisor resigns
Salyan Oil wins court case over Kyurovdag and Garabagly pollution
Azerkhimiya merger with SOCAR?
Nedra says Azerbaijan has large oil reserves at great depth.
First Lukoil well at Yalama proves dry.
Ramco wants stake in Guneshli project.
British Petroleum to drill second well at Inam.
Oil and gas in 5 months.
Aliev confused about SOCAR production.
Medium term oil forecast.
ONGC at Azeri?
KCA Deutag wins snubbing contract for Shahdeniz
Azeri gas production
Oil pipeline throughput in 4 months
Azerigaz gas losses
Azergaznegl pipeline repairs.
Caspian Shipping Company to work with Palmali.
Petrochemical privatisation.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline
Russian attitude to BTC
Azerbaijan oil exports.
ExxonMobil crude exports
Total planning new oil terminal at Pirsagat.
Iranian pipeline could carry Caspian oil to Persian Gulf.
Baku-Novorossiisk oil pipeline.
Oil for Ukraine
Oil product exports and imports.
Gas exports to Georgia, Turkey and Greece.
Oil product consumption
Gas filling stations.
Kaspmornefteflot tender.
Electricity crisis predicted by Barmek
Barmek investigation.
Mingachevir insulation plant.
Sumgait power station.
BP warned to stay out of politics.
Georgian gas debt to Turkmenistan
Georgian gas from Azerbaijan.
Iranian gas for Georgia
Russian visit
Inguri hydro station.
Tbilgaz General Director retires.
Armenian economy.

The June 2005 issue of Central Asia Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Approach to buy Dragon Oil
Turkmen gas reserves audit
Lukoil cooperation with Dragon Oil?
Oil and gas production in 5 months
Output in May
Drilling by Burneftegaz and Turkmenburgaz
Work at Bagaja and Yelgui gasfields.
Dragon Oil suspends well test at Jeitun.
Turkmengaz awarded diploma.
LNG production
Turkmen investment in 5 months
Kumdag pumping station
Central Asia-Centre-3 gas pipeline
Refining in 5 months
Turkmenbashi refinery transport department
Seidi oil refinery reconstruction
Naip Gas Plant
New LNG plant planned for Yashyldepe
Chemicals production in 5 months.
Foreign trade in April
Gas exports in May
Turkmen gas for Iran
Georgian gas debt to Turkmenistan
Ukrainian debt for Turkmen gas
Corruption alleged at Ukrtransbud and UkrAziyaBud
Gas consumption in May
Electricity output in 5 months
Amu Darya right bank electrification at Yashyldepe and Samandepe
Gurbanmuradov sacked, dies in prison.
European Union cooperation.
Regional cooperation
CNPC projects in Uzbekistan
Lukoil plan for Khauzak, Shady and Kandym fields.
Uzbekneftegaz loan
Uztransgaz finances.
New compressor stations at Zevardy, Kultak and Pamuk fields to be built by Sofregaz and BTI Industries.
Exploration programme
Uzbek oil and gas production
Uzbek refining in April
Nukem JV with Navoi Mining enterprise
AFSK Industries Ltd wins pipeline equipment tender
Gas meters
Spent nuclear fuel

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