» May 2005
The May 2005 issues of Russian Energy Monthly, Kazakhstan Energy Monthly, Central Asia Energy Monthly and Caucasus Energy Monthly have been published.

The May issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Rosneft in 2004: production, exploration, refining, marketing, investment and finance.
Coal for power stations: some aspects of the long term energy strategy.
Russia first quarter production
Russia in January-April: oil and gas production.
Oil shale: problems at Leningradslanets.
Gazprom gas production strategy
Surgutneftegaz gas production.
Independent gas producers in 2010: Novatek, Rospan, Nortgaz and Itera.
Prokopyevskugol could be sold by Kuzbassrazrezugol.
Electricity: YeES output in 4 months.
Nuclear power production by Rosenergoatom.
Bureya hydro station 4th turbine to start up shortly.
New power station commissioned by Dagenergo.
Ukrainian coal long term strategy drawn up.
Oil town populations in Tyumen Province.
11 more Ukrainian nuclear reactors to be built?
A further rise in oil pipeline tariffs planned by Transneft
Gazprom raises gas transport prices
Ukrainian oil product prices
YUKOS AGM could be scuppered by Sibneft
Yuganskneftegaz wins court action against YUKOS
Lukoil in Q1
Surgutneftegaz finances in 2004 and 2005
Rosneft privatisation.
TNK-BP: BP President John Browne meets President Putin
Samaraneftegaz reports rise in net profit
Tatneft finances in 2004
Russneft buys Aganneftegazgeologiya and Tomskaya Neft
Gazprom Rosneft merger
Gazprom asset revaluation
Urengoigazprom tax demand
Novatek rise in net profits.
Appeal against court ruling that annulled Nortgaz licence for Severo-Urengoi gasfield.
Transneft net profit in Q1
Rosenergoatom general director.
Draft Law On the Defence of Competition
Electricity monopolies
Russian foreign trade in Q1
CIS oil exports in April
Russian oil exports in 4 months
Record rate of oil export duty
Baltic supertanker planned by Sovkomflot and Stena Bulk
Taishet-Perevoznaya pipeline plan first stage approved.
Oil exports to China
Northern oil pipeline declaration of intent.
LNG exports by swap scheme with sempra Energy.
Ukrainian oil exports
Ukrainian gas transport tariff in 2006
Sakhalin oil exports to Sumitomo.
Azerbaijan tankers detained at Azov.
Stabilisation fund to pay off part of Russian external debt.
Sakhalin-2 credit line by Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
Nuclear energy agreement by Russia and Egypt.
E.ON and Gazprom
Kudankulam nuclear station
Busshehr nuclear station
Lukoil and Norsk Hydro start drilling at Anaran
Taishet-Perevoznaya pipeline could be extended to Pusan and supply oil to North Korea.
Gazprom and Statoil
Gazprom and Norsk Hydro
Lukoil and Sarmet of Spain.
United Energy Systems (YeES) buys TGR-Enerji of Turkey.
Ukrainian oil products prices pegged
Kaliningrad gas supply to be increased
Russian oil refining in January-March
Lisichansk refinery idle
Ukrainian refinery plan
YUKOS stake in Mazeikiu refinery to be sold.
New data on Russian oil and gas reserves
New exploration blocks including 20 in the Barents Sea to be offered.
Eastern Siberia can produce 80 mn t/yr of oil
TNK-BP reserves audit published.
TNK-BP could ace sanctions over ailure to develop Kovykta
Sibneft wins Zimneye licence
Yunyaginsk coal block
Bosnia: MOL-INA acquires Energopetrol
Bulgaria: Oil imports, Burgas oil refinery, YeES wins tender
Croatia: INA sale
Czech Republic: Unipetrol in Q1, CEZ finances in Q1, Czech oil data in 2 months
Hungary: MOL’s Siberian JV, Csepel Energia Kft, Romanian power line.
Poland: Gas supplies, nuclear power station, Belchatow, Grupa Lotos
Romania: Oil imports

The May 2005 issue of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly contains the following articles:

Tengizchevroil investment plan.
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz memorandum of cooperation.
BG Group to take part in Orenburg Gas Plant expansion?
Kazakhoil Aktobe opens settlement at Alibekmola oilfield.
Nelson Resources well drilling plan.
Azerifugro drops JV plan.
Latest Caspian status meeting.
Keppel Kazakhstan contract with Agip KCO for Kashagan.
Lukoil and KazMunaiTeniz start drilling first well at Tyub-Karagan.
Korean Consortium of the Caspian Oil Project signs Zhambyl agreement.
Seismic at Atashskii completed by Lukoil.
ONGC Videsh Ltd offered 2 blocks in the Caspian by KazMunaiGaz.
Ukrnafta wants to produce oil in Kazakhstan.
Kazakh fuel production in 4 months.
KazMunaiGaz production plan.
PetroKazakhstan oil production restricted at Kumkol.
Turgai Petroleum told to cut output.
Mangistaumunaigaz completes well at Pridorozhnoye.
Sun Drilling to drill wells at Morskoye for Kozhan and Atyrau for Vector Energy West.
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz to build third Zhanazhol gas plant.
Karaganda coalfield unrest.
Priozernyi coalfield resumes production.
Tengiz-Novorossiisk pipeline expansion considered by Caspian Pipeline Consortium.
Makat-North Caucasus gas pipeline to start up.
KazTransGaz in Q1
Dragmor of Poland is deepening Aktau oil port.
Kuryk oil port plan approved.
Ako Bars of Vyborg to set up JVs with Kazakh shipping companies.
Kazakh oil pipeline throughput.
New gas pipeline planned from Karachaganak to Uralsk.
Kazakh oil refining plan for 2005.
Atyrau refinery reconstruction.
Kondensat company refining plan.
Foreign trade in Q1.
Russian and Kazakh Governments discuss CPC pipeline expansion plan.
KazRosGaz hoping to boost Kazakh gas exports to Russia.
Jet fuel export ban.
Kazakh coal exports in Q1.
Kazakh transport sector.
Reconstruction of Poltoratskoye and Akyrtobe gas storage reservoirs.
Moinak hydro station.
Ust Kamenogorsk Hydro Station.
Uranium output by Kazatomprom.
Kazakh power imports
AES operations in Kazakhstan.
Index for Volume 2.

The May 2005 issue of Central Asia Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Lukoil invited to explore Turkmen sector of Caspian Sea.
Dragon Oil has placed new share issue and raised $100 mn.
Latest meeting of Caspian Sea status group.
Turkmen discussions with Azerbaijan on Caspian boundary.
Turkmenistan oil and gas in 4 months.
Oil and gas plans for 2005.
Khazar jack-up towed to Jeitun by Dragon Oil.
Wintershall hoping to explore 6 blocks they have identified in Caspian.
Foreign investment projects in Turkmenistan.
Turkmen oil refining at Turkmenbashi and Seidi in January-April.
Government meeting discusses refining.
Turkmenbashi kerosene plant.
Kenar expansion project.
Q1 trade by Turkmenistan
Turkmen crude oil exports.
Gas exports in 4 months.
Gas contract with Russia.
Argument with Ukraine over gas export price.
E.ON plan for Turkmen pipeline through Ukraine to Germany.
Niyazov wants new gas export markets.
Trans-Afghan gas pipeline dead?
Gas consumption in January-April.
Turkmen electricity generation.
Ashkhabad power station construction started.
Abadan power station output.
Turkmen electricity plan to 2020.
Amu Darya right bank electrification.
Mary power station reconstruction.
Turkmen Deputy Prime Minister for oil and gas sector sacked.
Turkmen relations with China.
Uzbekistan: Andijan uprising.
Uzbek foreign trade in Q1.
CNPC joint venture contract.
Uzbekneftegaz loan by Gazprombank.
Talimarjan power station output.
Uzbekneftegaz exploration for oil and gas.
Propane cooling plant opened at Mubarek Gas Plant.
Zeromax pipeline contract.
Coal production in Q1 by Uzbekugol.
Uzbek output of oil, gas and oil products.
Tashkent power station reconstruction tender by Uzbekenergo.
Sogdiana sub-station completed by Uzbekenergo.
Lukoil investment in Uzbekistan.
Uranium production in 2004.
Electricity meter installation.
Tashkent oil and gas exhibitions.
Hobas Tapo pipe joint venture.
Kyrgyzstan Maili-Suu uranium waste site.
Jet fuel crisis in Kyrgyzstan.
Bukhara-Almaty gas pipeline ownership.
Tajikistan economy in 4 months.

The May 2005 issue of Caucasus Energy Monthly contains the following articles:

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline opening ceremony.
SOCAR gets new Vice President.
AIOC investment at Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli in Q1
AIOC Garadag programme.
Lukoil tax debt dispute.
Foreign oil companies criticised.
Onshore operating companies tax payments.
Azerigaz corruption investigation.
Caspian status meeting.
Azerbaijan discussions with Turkmenistan.
South West Gobustan reserves estimated by Ryder Scott
SOCAR to insist ExxonMobil drills second well at Nakhchivan.
Azerbaijan oil and gas in 4 months.
2005 oil output target.
Jacket for PDQ platform floated from Garadag to Azeri oilfield.
Shah Deniz stage 1 cost over-run confirmed.
Production sharing agreements with Azen Oil Company, Shirvan Oil and Noble Sky Ltd ratified.
Chinese want to work Govsany and Zykh after Lukoil pulled out.
Oil reserves at Kyurovdag.
Investment in Azerbaijan in 4 months.
Refining in January-April.
Refinery oil product stocks.
Azerbaijan foreign trade
Oil exports by SOCAR and AIOC in 4 months.
Sangachal terminal expansion by Azfen/Tekfen proceeding well
Baku-Supsa oil pipeline.
Oil exports to Ukraine?
Oil product exports by Azerneftyag and Heydar Aliev refinery.
Oil products for Ukraine.
Azeri tankers detained by Russia.
Baku-Tbilisi-Erzerum gas pipeline.
Azerbaijan gas imports from Gazeksport.
Oil product prices.
British Petroleum Energy Bus.
Gas meter installation.
World Bank loan for Azeri electricity sector.
Barmek-Azerbaijan not to demand payment from poor.
Severnaya Power Station loan from Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
Mingechavir power station reconstruction
American visit to Baku.
Georgia foreign trade.
Russian-Georgian relations.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline completed in Georgia.
Baku-Supsa pipeline oil theft in Georgia.
Diesel distribution to Georgia farms.
Georgian pipelines not to be sold to Gazprom.
Illegal oil refinery at Sartichala.
Rustavi Azot sale planned.
Tender for construction of new power station in Georgia.
Imereti power line closed for repair.
Telasi company holds roadshow,
Waste storage reservoir for Armenia Nuclear Station discussed.
Armenian electricity exports to Georgia.
Iranian visit to Yerevan, gas pipeline discussed.
Araks hydro station agreement signed.

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