» November 2004
The issues for November 2004 of Russian Energy Monthly, Kazakhstan Energy Monthly, Central Asia Energy Monthly and Caucasus Energy Monthly have been published.

The November issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains articles on:

The development of oil and gas fields on the Sakhalin Shelf.
The production of oil, gas and coal in 10 months.
Surgutneftegaz oil production in 10 months.
Sakhalin electricity disruption.
Russian oil production by company in January-September.
Long term oil production forecasts.
Yuzhno-Russkoye gasfield.
Oil pipeline capacity utilisation.
Kalinin Nuclear Station
Tidal power station
Lithuanian electricity.
Russian oil and product prices.
Oil pipeline modernisation.
Peterburgskaya Toplivnaya Kompaniya.
Gas price zones.
Arkhangelsk gas pipeline.
Yuganskneftegaz sale.
YUKOS shareholders.
Yuganskneftegaz profit.
YUKOS dispute with Sibneft.
Lukoil bond issue.
Lukoil-Burenie sale.
Merger of Gazprom and Rosneft.
Rosneft icebreaker fleet.
Lukoil cooperation with Gazprom.
Gazprom restructuring.
Gazprom electricity interests.
YeES investment plan for 2005.
Tax changes.
Pipeline law.
Russian foreign trade in 9 months.
Russian oil export revenue for the Federal Budget.
CIS oil exports in October.
Oil export duty increase.
Oil exports to China.
Export pipeline capacity.
Arkhangelsk oil port.
Taishet-Nakhodka oil pipeline.
Gas export revenue.
Gas for Germany.
Ukrainian gas transit.
Gazprom projects in Egypt.
Gazprom agreement with India.
Nuclear fuel agreement with Iran.
Burren Energy shipping activity in Russia.
LNG tankers for Japan.
Statoil plans for Russia.
Norsk Hydro and Aker Kvaerner in Russia.
Odfjell deal with Sevmashpredpriyatiye.
Gazprom visit to the UK.
Schlumberger leaves YUKOS project.
ExxonMobil discussions with Gazprom.
Russian oil availability in 10 months.
Russian refining in January-September.
Slavneft refining.
Ukhta refinery.
SIBUR finances in 9 months of 2004.
Long term exploration strategy.
Exploration drilling by company during January-June.
Arctic Shelf development.
Oil and gas production licence confiscation.
Mezen Sineclize.
ITERA in Kalmykiya.
Russian gas reserves.
Russian pipe sales.
Izhorskii Zavod.
OMZ contracts to supply pipe mills.
Energomash discussions with SIBUR.
Bulgarian oil imports.
Bulgarian power distributor sale.
Unipetrol minority buy-out.
CEZ and CEPS financial data for 9 months.
Karbon Invest.
MOL finances.
MOL oil product prices.
EvRoPolGaz meeting.
Patnow-II power station.
Romanian oil imports.
Petrom foreign distribution networks.
Modernisation of Petrotel-Lukoil refinery at Ploiesti.
Sale of Electrica Moldova and Electrica Oltenia.
Slovnaft financial data in 9 months.
Slovakian oil product prices.
Gas and electricity market liberalisation in Slovakia.
Slovenske Elektrarne.

The November issue of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Tengizchevroil achievements in 2004 and plans for 2005.
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz accounts for first half of 2004.
Lukoil criticism of Kazakh Government policy.
PetroKazakhstan results for 9 months of 2004.
Parker Drilling tax bill.
Intergaz Central Asia.
Exploration policy.
Kashagan oilfield.
Petrom interest in Kazakh oilfields.
Kazakhstan oil, gas and coal production in 10 months.
Karachaganak production plans.
KazTransoil fibre-optic project.
Aktau oil port throughput.
Kazmortransflot transport of oil in 9 months.
Burren Energy Shipping.
Shymkent oil refinery.
Akshabulak LPG plant.
Kazakh foreign trade in January-September.
Fuel trade.
Iran-Kazakh oil swap.
GIS geophysical company.
Konstruktor IT company.
Kellogg Brown and Root in Kazakhstan.
KEGOC electricity investment.
Railway electrification.
Mangistau Electricity Company.
Ust-Kamenogorsk CHPP.

The November issue of Central Asia Energy Monthly contains articles on:

The Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan exhibition.
Dragon Oil.
Exploration work.
Genjibek gasfield discovery confirmed.
Turkmen oil and gas production in January-October.
Long term production plan.
American Geological Services Inc rates Turkmenistan 10th in world.
German screw pumps for Goturdepeneft and Nebitdagneft.
Gazlydepe well completion.
New well at Yelgui gasfield.
Turkmenneft Repair and Commissioning Directorate.
Mary Province gas production.
Oil pipeline from Korpeje to Balkanabat
Central Asia-Centre gas pipelines
Turkmen oil refining in 10 months.
Turkmenbashi oil refinery.
Turkmenbashi computer system
Naip LNG plant.
Gas exports.
Oil and oil product exports.
Ukrainian oil imports from Turkmenistan.
Gas supplies in Dashoguz Province.
Electricity production.
Long term power plan.
Russian companies hold conference in Turkmenistan.
Lukoil subsidiary set up in Uzbekistan.
New Uzbek output data for January-September.
Kyrgyzstan economy in 10 months.
Gazprom joint venture in Tajikistan.
Sangtuda hydro station draft agreement.

The November issue of Caucasus Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Lukoil tax debt dispute.
SOCAR restructuring.
Caspian Sea status.
Umid oil prospect to be drilled by SOCAR.
Nakhchivan and Zafar Mashal oil prospects.
Lukoil starts first exploration well at Yalama.
Turkish Petroleum wants to start exploration of Araz, Alov and Sharg.
Caspian oil reserves estimate.
Azerifugro geophysical joint venture by SOCAR and Fugro.
Azerbaijan oil and gas in 10 months.
AIOC 4th pre-drilling well at western Azeri.
AIOC plans for 2005.
Gyuneshli pumping station.
Neft Dashlary production in 10 months.
Karasu Operating Company.
Lukoil and SOCAR dispute over Govsany Zykh.
Shakh Deniz platform being assembled.
EBRD credit for Shakh Deniz field.
Caspian Energy Group and SOCAR sign PSA for Kyurovdag.
Investment in Azerbaijan in 9 months.
SOFAR finances.
President Heydar Aliev oil tanker and the Caspian Shipping Company.
ExxonMobil agreement with Azpetrol to rail Chirag oil.
Azerbaijan refining in 10 months.
Heydar Aliev refinery gasoline hydrofiner.
Azerbaijan foreign trade in 9 months.
Oil exports in January-October.
2005 oil export plan.
Baku-Novorossiisk oil pipeline.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.
Odessa-Brody pipeline.
Oil product exports.
Azerbaijan gas imports and exports.
Foreign currency reserves.
Consumption of oil products.
Energy prices.
Gas consumption.
Electricity production.
Power plan to 2010.
World Bank assistance.
Sumgait power station.
Power synchronisation with Iran and Russia.
Barmek Azerbaijan.
Fuel saving.
Nakhichevan enclave.
Iranian electricity offer.
Caspian energy and transport meetings.
Georgian economy.
Georgian foreign trade.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline protests.
Aleksandr Gotsiridze sacked from Georgian International Gas Company.
Khador hydro station built by Sichuan Electric Power Company..
Alaverdi power line.
Armenian economy.
Armenian foreign trade.
Electricity sales to Nakhichevan.
Armenian Grid company sold by Midland Resources Holding Company.

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