» August 2004
The August 2004 issues of Russian Energy Monthly, Caucasus Energy Monthly, Central Asia Energy Monthly and Kazakhstan Energy Monthly have been issued.

The August 2004 issue of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly contains articles on:

KazMunaiGaz revenue and profit forecast for 2004-2006.
PetroKazakhstan financial data for first half of 2004.
British Gas Kazakhstan has a new President.
Nelson Resources agreement with creditors.
Karachaganak Operating BV emergency situation study.
CanArgo stake in BN Munai LLP.
Mangistaumunaigaz share trading suspension.
Ai Dan Munai loan agreement.
Caspian Energy purchase of 50% stake in Aral Petroleum.
Start of seismic survey at Tyub-Karagan.
Assessment of oil reserves at Tengizchevroils Korolevskoye field.
Details of seismic work carried out by Azimut.
Kurmangazy production sharing agreement.
Latest estimate of Tengiz oil reserves.
Yuzhnyi Alibek exploration licence.
2004 forecast for Kazakh oil production
Kazakh energy production in January-July 2003 and 2004.
Kazturkmunai oil production target.
Federovsk oilfield second phase of development.
Tengiz gas production.
Kozhan LLP subsidiary of China Energy Ventures Corporation wins
Morskoye oil well contract from Prikaspiiburneft.
Kazakhmys coal production.
Kazakh investment in January-July.
Oil and gas pipeline transport in January-July.
KazTransGaz and Intergas Central Asia Ltd working well.
KazTransOil agreement with Transneft
Refinancing of investment in Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil pipeline.
New tanker launched for Kazmortransflot.
Karachaganak gas pipeline under construction.
Tengizchevroil considering various routes for export of Tengiz oil.
Tengiz sulphur production.
Kazakh foreign trade in first half of 2004.
Tengiz-Novorossiisk pipeline throughput in 7 months.
Altau marine oil terminal exports.
Aktau oil quality laboratory opens.
Atasu-Alashankou oil pipeline plan.
PetroKazakhstan considering export of oil through Persian Gulf.
Karachaganak gas exports to Orenburg.
Ust Kamennogorsk Valve Plant.
Petropavlovsk Munaimash factory.
GIS microsystems company.
KEGOC power transmission in first half of 2004.
Ekibastuz power station renovation plan.
Kazakhmys electricity production.
Kazakh electricity trade.
Nuclear agreement with South Korea.
Indian Minister of Oil and Gas visits Kazakhstan.

The August 2004 issue of Central Asia Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Turkmenneft office in Balkanabat.
New potential gas fields found on Amu Darya right bank.
Turkmenabat Directorate exploration drilling in first half.
Kuijik Directorate exploration drilling in 7 months.
Shatut oil prospect being drilled by Ekerem Directorate.
Achak Directorate has completed 3 exploration wells.
Yerburun exploration well completed.
Turkmen oil and gas production in January-July.
Gas output by Akhal, Mary, Lebap and Balkan provinces.
Korpeje oil and gas field.
Goturdepe oilfield.
Keimir and Galkynyshnebit production enterprises.
Chinese oil rigs.
Well repairs at Goturdepe and Barsagelmes.
Kuijik technical transport enterprise.
Burneftegaz drilling in 7 months.
Gaslift at Goturdepe and Barsagelmes.
Naip gas collection system renovated.
Bagaja LNG plant under construction.
More wells renovated at Shatlyk gasfield.
Turkmenburgaz completes wells at Dovletabad.
Parker Instrumentation wins Turkmen and Uzbek contract.
Mary Province output.
Central Asia-Centre gas pipeline.
New gas line in Lebap province.
Turkmenabat-Pelvert gas pipeline.
Dashoguz dumpcars.
Turkmen oil refining in 7 months.
Turkmenbashi oil refinery output in 7 months.
Seydi refinery output in 7 months.
Naip LNG plant completed.
Archabil bottle plant.
Maryazot fertiliser plant.
Turkmenabat Chemical Plant.
Turkmen foreign trade in first half.
Turkmen gas exports by destination in January-July.
Fuel trade in January-July.
Oil product exports.
Kiyanli LNG terminal.
Gas exports to Ukraine.
Georgian gas debt to Turkmenistan.
Turkmen gas exports to Hungary.
Serakhs power line completed.
Turkmenneft repair enterprise.
Uzbekistan economy and oil production.
Kokdumalak reserves audit.
Shakhpakhty gasfield renovation.
Dayakhatyn gasfield development by Ecoil Technologies.
Itera finally leaves Uzbekistan.
Uzbek gas export forecasts.
Gazprom subsidiary Zarubezhneftegaz to buy Uzbek Avtogaz company.
Uzbek electricity transit.
Chinese credit for Uzbek energy projects.
Uzbek nuclear contract.
Uzbekenergo buys Uralinvestenergo power equipment.
Uzbek political situation.
Tajikistan economy in 7 months.
Gazprom plans for Tajikistan.
Sangtuda Hydro Station.
Kyrgyzstan electricity production.
Kyrgyz power exports.
Kambar Ata hydro station
Sevelektro concession.

The August 2004 issue of Caucasus Energy Monthly contains articles on:

ExxonMobil investment in Azerbaijan.
Azpetrol office complex plan.
Coalition for Transparency
Agreement by Azerbaijan and Iran on Caspian status discussions.
Azeri oilfield development.
Azerbaijan oil and gas production in January-July.
Chirag oilfield output decline foreseen.
Neft Dashlary drilling.
Gyuneshli gas well plan.
Gum Adasy land rehabilitation.
Darvin Kupasi well drilled.
Alyat-Deniz well completion.
Surakhany drilling programme.
Bakhar well drilling started.
Shakh Deniz investment expenditure in first half.
BP Azerbaijan investment in 7 months.
Oil pipeline transport in 7 months.
Azerbaijan oil refinery output in first half.
Azerkhimiya credit from Eximbank and Nichimen.
SOCAR and AIOC oil exports in 7 months.
Oil product exports by Azerneftyag and Heydar Aliev refineries in 7
BP diesel contract extended.
Oil product imports.
Gas imports
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.
Azerbaijan consumption of oil products.
Gas losses.
Gas prices
Bakgaz recovering customer debts for gas.
SOCAR to complete 3 oil production platforms.
Azerbaijan electricity production.
Azerenergy to repay credits.
Imishli-Astarapower line.
Siemens contract to reconstruct power lines.
Barmekinvestment in Baku electricity distribution.
Baiva repairing sub-station in Azrerbaijan districts.
Denmark wants involvement in Caspian oil development.
Baku-Tbiulisi-Ceyhan pipeline in Georgia.
South Ossetia crisis and the pipeline.
Batumi oil export tariffs.
Poti oil port privatisation attracts Delta Petroleum of Turkey.
Georgia to buy gas from Iran.
Georgian electricity system.
New power line to be built at Imereti line contains to break down.
Gas debt to Turkmenistan.
Armenia Nuclear Station.
Iranian gas pipeline.
Index for Volume I.

The August 2004 issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains articles on:

YUKOS and possible cuts in Russian oil production.
The Long Term Energy Strategy.
Russian and CIS oil production in first half, with output by oil company.
First half development and exploration drilling footage by company.
Russia in January-July
Khanti-Mansiisk Region produces 8 bn tons of oil.
Krasnoyarsk Province.
Electricity output in January-July.
Russian fuel prices.
Kharyaga-Usinsk oil pipeline plan
Usinsk-Ukhta pipeline.
Sosnogorsk loading facility.
YUKOS diary for the past month.
YUKOS first half financial results.
Lukoil sells Arktikneft.
Sibneft divorce from YUKOS.
Rosneft taxes and investment.
Rosneft and Gazprom discussing joint development plans.
TNK-BP plan to build Leningrad shale plant.
Slavneft court action against TNK-BP and Abramovich.
Sale of Lenaneftegaz to Surgutneftegaz.
Transnefteprodukt finances in 2002, 2003.
Gazprom project financing plans.
Gazprom plans for LNG exports, purchase of Stimul company and new
warehouse in Kaliningrad.
Chechengazprom assets frozen.
Silovye Mashiny in first half.
Latvijas Gaze investment plan.
Legislation on new Law On Mineral Resources .
New regulations on licence awards.
Production sharing agreements.
Russian foreign trade in 1st half.
Russian oil exports in January-July.
First half oil export data.
CIS oil exports in July.
Third quarter oil export plans.
Belokamenka storage tanker.
VAT on oil exports to CIS abolished.
Primorsk oil liftings.
New Leningrad oil terminal planned.
Odessa-Brody oil pipeline operational.
Baikal-Pacific oil pipeline decision before year end.
YUKOS to maintain oil exports to China.
Ukraine oil transit agreement.
Ventspils handled export of 5.2 mn t of crude and products in 1st half.
Yamal-Germany gas pipeline.
Ukrainian gas transit pipelines.
Russian gas for Britain.
Gas for Japan.
Vostochnyi coal exports.
Ust Luga coal port.
Nuclear fuel for China.
Silovye Mashiny opens office in Egypt.
Siemens JV with Silovye Mashiny.
Russian cables for Iranian nuclear station at Busshehr.
Russian contracts with Iraq.
Stroitransgaz project in Sudan.
Shell Salym oilfield project.
ConocoPhillips could buy Lukoil stake.
Russian electricity for Belarus.
Russian oil refining in first half.
Slavneft refineries in 7 months.
Pskov refinery?
SIBUR reports big increase in output in first half.
Lukoil-Neftekhim output of petrochemicals.
Russian oil and gas reserves recalculation.
Licence investigations into RUSIA Petroleum, Sevmorneftegaz and Aki-Otyr.
Komi oil block auction cancelled.
Gazprom reserves calculated.
Centrilift repair centre at Muravlenko.
Sevgeokabel making seismic cables.
Bulgarian oil imports in July.
Burgas-Alexandropolis oil pipeline.
Czech oil data for January-May.
Unipetrol finances for first half.
CEPS sale.
CEZ finances.
MOL report for second quarter.
YUKOS oil supplies to Hungary.
MOL to sell Panrusgaz stake,.
EuroPolGaz profit on Yamal-Germany pipeline.
PKN Orlen first half finances.
Poludniowy Koncern Energetycvny
Wybrzeze CHPP.
Romanian oil imports in July.
NIS-Naftagaz oilfields.
Slovenske Elektrarne.
Zapadoslovenska Energetika.
Hornonitrianske Bane Prievidza.
Slovnaft finaces in 1st half.

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