» July 2004
The July 2004 issues of Russian Energy Monthly, Caucasus Energy Monthly, Central Asia Energy Monthly and Kazakhstan Energy Monthly have been issued.

The JULY 2004 issue of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly contains the following articles:

Kazakhstan gas relations with Russia.
Sale of 16.67% stake in Agip KCO.
British Gas Karachaganak accused of illegal condensate exports.
Chapparal Resources Inc.
Big Sky Energy Atyrau Ltd.
Wintershall memorandum with KazMunaiGaz.
Kashagan fine for British Gas.
Kurmangazy production sharing conditions.
Aktota and Kairan oil prospect seismic work.
Maersk Oil projects
MOL acquisition of stake in Fedorovsk block.
First half gas production.
Output in first half by KazMunaiGaz.
Kumkol oil laboratory at Dzhusaly.
Uzenmunaigas cumulative output of 300 mn tons.
CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz working Kenkiyak successfully.
Oil pollution in Atyrau Province.
KazTransOil acquires KazMunaiGaz stake in MunaiTas.
Kazakh oil pipeline throughput in first half.
Intergaz Central Asia to issue unsecured bond.
Kazmortransflot in first half.
Coal transport hit by wagon shortage.
Kazakh refinery output.
Tengiz sulphur production.
Middle East Petroleum exports of Kazakh oil.
Kazakh Government agreement with Ukraine on oil transit.
Chine oil pipeline documents signed by KazTransOil and China National Oil Development Corporation.
Kazakh supports Igneada-Saros variant for Bosphorus by-pass pipeline.
Kazakh transport data for first half.
Kumkol gas project.
First half electricity production.
Electricity privatisation.
North-South power line construction started at Shu.
Kazakhmys electricity output.
Kokshetav Power company of Akmolinsk.
Wind power.
New electricity law.
World Bank advice on oil revenues.

The JULY 2004 issue of Central Asia Energy Monthly contains the following articles:

Akpatlavuk oilfield exploration
Balkanneftegeofizika geophysical enterprise.
Dragon Oil completes LAM 21/108 well at Jeitun.
First half oil and gas production by Turkmenistan.
Mary Province fuel and energy output in first half.
Goturdepe produces 1.2 mn t of oil in first half.
Barsagelmes oilfield.
Turkmenburgaz drills 55,000 metres in first half.
Kirpichli gasfield modernisation.
Yuzhnyi Gamyshlyja oilfield.
Burnebitgaz at Akpatlavuk.
Yamalnefteotdacha of Russia wins paraffin removal contract.
Nebitgazdyupliabatlaish well repair trust working well.
Balkanabat Transport enterprise.
Dovletabad gas compressor project.
Asphalt plant starts up at Gazachak.
Chinese Oil Corporation for Technology and Development signs contract to supply well repair units.
New well started at Garashsyzlygyn 10 iyly gasfield.
caterpillar pipelayers.
Turkmenbashi oil refinery news.
Maryazot ammonia compressor commissioned.
Turkmenabat Chemical Plant.
Turkmen foreign trade in 5 months.
Turkmen gas exports in 6 months.
New Neftegaz Ukrainy barter deal with Turkmenneftegaz.
Gas exports to Iran.
Pier repair contract at Ekerem port.
Turkmen fuel consumption in first half.
Pump manufacture by Mary Engineering Plant.
Mary power station.
Abadan gas turbine station.
New Mary-Ashkhabad-Balkanabat power line.
Uzbekistan in first half.
First half trade by Uzbekistan.
SoyuzNefteGaz buys UzPec from Trinity Energy.
Kokdumalak reserves tender extended.
Uzbek oil and gas exhibition.
Uzbek gas sales to Ukraine.
Chirchik Transformator legal dispute.
First half in Kyrgyzstan.
Kyrgyzenergo privatisation.
Kara Balta nuclear waste processing.
Tajikistan coal production.

The July 2004 issue of Caucasus Energy Monthly contains the following articles:

Lukoil to buy 50% Agip stake in LUKagip.
Bakgaz privatisation will mean 4-fold rise in domestic gas price.
SOCAR ends contract with Salans.
Pre-drilling at West Azeri resumes.
3rd pre-drilling well completed at Shakh Deniz.
Zafar Mashal well reaches 5,000 metres according to Maersk.
Salyan Oil chooses new well locations at Kyursangy.
Azerbaijan oil and gas production in 1st half.
British Petroleum signs new drilling work contracts.
New Gyuneshli well started.
Pirsagat oilfield development by Shengli International.
Garachakhur production sharing agreement with Noble Sky JV.
Gobustan gas sale contract signed by Gobustan Operating Company.
Gum Adasy Directorate working well at Gum Deniz oilfield.
Balakhanyneft gas production.
Investment in Azerbaijan in 1st half.
Baku oil refinery output in January-May.
Heidar Aliev refinery coking plant.
Azershin tyre factory.
Azerbaijan foreign trade in 1st half.
Oil exports in first half. Glencore buys Chirag profits oil and Taurus and Rocoil buy SOCAR loads from Novorossiisk.
Baku-Novorossiisk oil pipeline tariffs discussed.
Caspian Shipping Company in 1st half.
Azerbaijan oil product exports by Heidar Aliev and Azerneftyag refineries.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline 70% completed.
Shakh Deniz gas export plans.
Azerbaijan imports of oil products in January-May.
Gas imports by Azerbaijan. Accident on Mozdok-Kazi Magomed pipeline.
Oil product consumption.
Azpetrol filling stations.
Gas consumption in Azerbaijan.
Azneftekhimmash output in 5 months.
Azerbaijan electricity output in 1st half.
Mingechavir power station modernisation.
Electricity bill collection.
Barmek tender.
Barmek Azerbaijan to build equipment plant in Baku.
Georgian oil industry: CanArgo, GBOC, Ioris Valley, Frontera Resources.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline work stops in Borjomi Gorge.
Russian gas supplies for Georgia.
Itera stops gas supply.
Gas from Iran.
Georgian energy investment plan.
YeES to invest in Georgian electricity renovation.
KfW loan for Alaverdi power line to Georgia.
Another accident at Inguri hydro station.
Five small hydro stations to be sold off.
Armenia: Iran gas pipeline.
Russian gas cooperation
Metsamor nuclear station closure plan.
Megri hydro station plan.
Lori-Berd hydro station.
JBIC loan for Armenian Grid company for sub-stations.

The July 2004 issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains articles on:

CIS and Russian energy production in January-May.
Russian oil production in the first half of 2004.
Medium term oil production plans.
Arkhangelsk Province plan for oil production in 2005.
TNK-BP project to develop Uvat Group of oilfields.
Severo-Urengoi gasfield being worked by Nortgaz.
Yurkharovsk gasfield developmnent by Novatek.
Russian nuclear power in 1st half.
Latest developments in YUKOS saga, as Yuganskneftegaz to be split off and sold.
Lukoil finances in first quarter of 2004 show big rise over 2003.
Lukoil-Burenie drilling division to be sold.
Lukoil to buy Agip stake in LUKagip.
Surgutneftegaz to be sued by Harvard Group.
Rosneft publish GAAP accounts for 2003.
TNK-BP draw up corporate restructuring plan.
Slavneft dividend for 2003.
Transneft publishes accounts for 2003.
Volgotanker to get $120 mn credit for tanker renovation.
Gazprom accounts for 2003 published.
State to acquire direct control over Gazprom.
Itera has invested $1.5 bn in Russian gas projects.
Nortgaz makes small loss in 2003.
Coal companies SUEK and Kuzbassrazrezugol agree on asset transfer.
SUEK reports 37.5 mn ton sales in 1st half.
YeES investment.
Law on mineral resources to be amended.
New law on pipeline transport.
Stabilisation Fund.
New Coordination Council for Government and oil companies.
Russian oil exports in first half.
CIS oil exports in June.
St Petersburg oil terminal exports 4.1 mn t of oil products in 1st half.
Primorsk oil products terminal plan.
Vysotsk oil product terminal operational.
New export terminal planned for Krasnodar Province on Black Sea.
Russian export pipeline plans.
Baltic Pipeline System: finance needed for expansion.
Northern pipeline from Western Siberia to Arctic; terminal variants considered.
Baikal-Pacific Pipeline gets go-ahead from authorities in Amur Province.
Kstovo-Primorsk oil product pipeline.
Odessa-Brody pipeline to be operated in reverse for Russian oil exports.
Transneft pipeline data.
VAT on oil exports through Ukraine to be abolished.
Oil export duty rates to rise on August 1st.
Rail lines to China to be upgraded for big increase in Russian oil exports.
Gas exports to Europe to reach 140 BCM this year.
Ukrainian gas transit plans discussed by Gazprom and Neftegaz Ukrainyi.
North European Gas Pipeline plan discussed by Gazprom Board.
Baltic states must pay $120/TCM for Russian gas after EU accession.
LNG for China and South Korea.
Oil production platforms under construction for Sakhalin-2 project.
Rosneft and British Petroleum agree Sakhalin-5 plan.
Gazprom office in China gets new responsibilities.
Gaz de France visit to Moscow.
Silovye Mashiny wins power station contract in Greece.
Ceremony to mark South Pars completion in Iran.
Busshehr Nuclear Station discussed by Rumyantsev with Iranians.
Lukoil meeting with Iraqi Ministry of Oil.
Gazprom projects in Libya.
Gazprom and Gasunie sign memorandum.
Rotterdam delegation asks Russia to build new oil terminals.
Russian electricity and gas supplies to North Korea.
Silovye Mashiny reconstructing power station in Sweden.
OMZ sells drilling rigs to Syrian Petroleum Company.
Gazprom and British Petroleum discuss cooperation at Kovykta gasfield.
ChevronTexaco plan for Russia.
Oil product prices in Siberia.
Moldova debts for Russian gas.
Russian oil refining in 1st half.
Lukoil to stop selling oil to other Russian refineries.
Kstovo catformer completed by Lukoil
Novomoskovsk Azot plant completes renovation of ammonia unit.
Odessa refinery commissions isomerisation plant.
Lithuanian Government will not buy YUKOS stake in Mazeikiu.
Sibneft oil reserves audit.
Russian oilfield licence confiscation considered. Fields owned by Shell at Salym and Sakhalin-1 project at risk.
New licencing round for Tyumen oil blocks.
Vankor oilfield construction picks up speed.
Gazprom exploration to cost $32 bn to 2030.
Mezen Sineclize in Arkhangelsk Province to be explored.
Abandoned exploration wells to be liquidated.
Gazprom delegation visits engineering factories and pipe mills.
Ukrainian pipe dumping allegations considered.
Silovye Mashiny accounts for 2003.
Bulgarian oil imports in June.
Bulgarian energy imports in 2002, 2003.
Power supply tender won by CEZ, E.ON and EVN.
Unipetrol offers to sell 51% stake in Ceska Rafinerska to IOC.
MOL unconcerned about YUKOS problems.
MOL gas business sale attracts interest.
MOL buys stake in Kazakhstan oilfield.
MVM plans for small loss this year.
GE Hungary revenue in 2003.
PKN Orlen investment plan.
Lotos Group investment plan.
Polish Government criticises Odessa-Brody pipeline decision.
Kompania Weglowa capital increase.
Elektrim to complete Patnow-II power station.
Romanian oil imports.
Distrigaz Sud SA sale attracts interest from Gazprom.
Electrica Moldova and Electrica Oltenia to be sold by Romanians.
Gazprom cooperation with Serbia.
Slovenske Elektrarne debt restructuring.

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