» March 2004
The March 2004 issue of Kazakhstan Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Aggressive foreign policy of KazMunaiGaz
KazMunaiGaz credits from foreign banks.
New officials appointed at KazMunaiGaz
The merger between Embamunaigaz and Uzenmunaigaz.
The new office of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating bv in Astana.
Discussions by ConocoPhillips President with Akhmetov.
YUKOS activity in Kazakhstan.
The business plan and budget of Agip KCO for Kashagan oilfield.
Discussions with Total on Kurmangazy.
Kazakhstan oil, gas, coal and electricity output by company in January-February and official forecast for 2004.
2004 plan for Severnye Buzachi oilfield.
Crude oil analysis labatory at Aktau.
Turgai Petroleum plan for 2004.
Kazgermunai joint venture at Akshabulak oilfield.
Development of Amangeldy gasfield.
Caspian Pipeline Company pipeline from Tengiz to Novorossiisk.
Kazmortransflot agreement with Stolt Offshore.
Oil refining data for 2003.
Dispute between KazMunaiGaz and Almaz International at Atyrau Oil Refinery.
Kazakh oil transit through Russia.
Kazakhstan oil, oil products, gas and coal trade in January 2003 and 2004.
Negotiations on use of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.
Laterst developments in the construction of the Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline.
Gas imports from Uzbekneftegaz.
Transit of Russian oil through Kazakhstan.
Transit of Turkmen and Uzbek gas across Kazakhstan to Russia.
KazMunaiGaz filling stations in Kazakhstan.
The petroleum engineering sector in Kazakhstan.
Kazakh electricity industry in 2003.
Uranium processing plant at Taukent.

The March 2004 issue of Caucasus Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Statoil visit to Azerbaijan.
Latest on the discussions over the status of the Caspian Sea.
Sale of Gurtulush rig.
Azerbaijan oil and gas production in January-February,
Survey of dominant Pereryv Suite at Gyuneshli oilfield.
Completion by McDermott of gas pipeline from Azeri oilfield to the shore.
Binagadineft oil production enterprise.
Salyan Oil plan for 2004.
Amirov oil production enterprise plan for wind power station by Wimpro.
Pirallahi and Gyurgan Deniz oilfield renovations.
Azgerneft investment plan for 2004 at Ramany oilfield.
Railway transport of oil and products through Azerbaijan to Batumi for export.
Azerbaijan oil refining in January-February.
Azerneftyanajag catcracker reconstruction.
Crude oil exports in January-February.
Oil product exports by refinery and by product.
Caspian Shipping Company oil trade in January-February.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline latest developments.
Plan for Azeri oil exports through Odessa-Brody pipeline.
Plans for gas imports from Gazeksport and KazRosGas.
Fuel price agreement with IMF.
Gas consumption data for January-February, with new gas pipeline to Sumgait.
Electricity production.
Azerenergy credit.
Enprima contract for Sumgait Gas Turbine Station.
Azerbaijan petroleum engineering sector.
Leader semi-submersible details.
Threat by Gazprom to cut gas supplies to Tbilgas of Tbilisi.
Batumi oil port blockaded in Georgian Ajaria dispute.
Bomb at Mtskheta nuclear reactor.
Electricity shortage as Kavkasioni power line hit by accident and sabotage.
Inguri renovation project by Voith Siemens.
Credit for Telasi electricity utility of Tbilisi.
Voith Siemens contract for Vorotan hydro station.
Construction of gas pipeline from Iran to start shortly.

The March 2004 issue of Central Asia Energy Monthly contains the following articles:

Long term forecast for development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan.
Kalyuzhnyi visit to Ashkhabad for talks on Caspian status.
DeGolyer Mcnaughton to audit gas reserves.
New equipment for Balkanneftegeofizika.
Well being drilled to 5,500 metres at Akpatlavuk.
Turkmen oil and gas production in January-February.
Burnebitgaz drilling in 2004.
Nebitdagneft oil output.
New wells completed at Goturdepe and Korpeje oilfields.
Development of Mydar and Toreshikh gasfields planned.
Marygazdobycha and Lebapgazdobycha gas output.
List of investment projects completed in January.
New pipeline from Severnyi Balgui to Naip.
Turkmen oil refining in January-February.
Latest developments at Turkmenbashi Oil refinery.
Seydi Oil refinery reconstruction.
Turkmen foreign trade in January 2004.
Gas exports in January-February 2003 and 2004
Liquid gas export plan and new contract between Turkmenneftegaz and Pars Energy for Kiyanly export terminal.
Turkmen electricity exports to Turkey.
New power unit at Seydi gas turbine power station.
Pump production by Mary Engineering Plant.
Uzbekenergo five year investment plan.
Navoi uranium export contract with Nukem.
Nuclear waste processing in Kyrgyzstan.
Import duty on Kyrgyzstan imports of gasoline and diesel.

The March 2004 issue of Russian Energy Monthly contains articles on:

Russian oil, gas, coal and electricity production in January-February.
The long term plan for oil production in Eastern Siberia and the Far East.
Investment in the Khanti-Mansiisk region of Tyumen Province.
Lukoil oil production licences extended for the Mulyminsk, Filypovsk, Shishminsk, Uzbeksk and Talnikov oilfields.
Lukoil plan for 2004 in the Komi Republic.
Surgutneftegaz oil production in January-February, and plan for 2004.
Tyumenneftegaz production in 2 months.
Slavneft licence violations.
Production at the new Lukoil oilfield offshore of Kaliningrad.
YUKOS production and investment plan, including Tomskneft, for 2004.
Khancheisk oilfield development.
Pestsovoye gasfield due to start producing shortly.
Lukoil gas plan to 2013.
Long term gas plan for Tyumen Province to 2030 with onshore and marine reserves for Yamal Peninsula, Taz and Ob Bays and Barents Sea. Output by Bovanenkovo, Kharasavei, Kruzenshtern and Tambei gasfields to 2030.
Tyumen CHPP power unit commissioned.
Investment in oil, gas, coal and electricity industry during 1998-2005.
New Ukrainian nuclear reactors planned for this year.
Energy prices in January 2003 and 2004.
Neste Sankt Peterburg filling stations.
Peterburg Fuel Company filling stations.
New gas pipeline in Sverdlovsk province.
TNK-BP accounts for 9 months of 2003.
New credit for Rosneft for development of Prirazlomnoye oilfield.
Rosneft tax accusation.
Rosneft legal battles over assets in Chechnya.
YUKOS directors see bank accounts frozen.
Lukoil-Perm merger.
Sibneft gets big tax demand.
Slavneft Megionneftegaz output in 2003.
Krasnodarneftegaz sold to Rosneft.
Novatek and Nortgaz condensate plant agreement.
Russneft earnings and production plan for 2004.
Rosneft increases stake Yeniseineftegaz for development of Vankorsk oilfield.
Noyabrskgazdobycha gets new General Director.
Verkhnechonskneftegaz design work approaching completion.
TNK-BP sets up East Siberian Gas Company.
Tarkosaleneftegaz is 10 years old.
New Gazprom bond issue.
YeES financial data for 9 months of 2003.
Putin sacks Kasyanov and appoints Mikhail Fradkov, a tax inspector, as Prime Minister. Ministry of Energy abolished.
Zarubezhneft privatisation considered.
CIS oil exports in February.
Russian oil exports show big rise by 17th March.
Oil and oil product export tax rates increased.
Turkey accused of blocking Bosphorus.
Negotiations on transit of Russian oil across Belarus.
Belarus oil product pipelines.
New contracts signed for oil exports to China.
Litasco wins contract to supply gasoline and diesel to Iraq.
Latest developments at Ventspils, Butinge, Arkhangelsk and Vysotsk oil ports.
Plan for new Primorsk product port and approval of Kstovo-Primorsk oil product pipeline.
Angarsk-Nakhodka oil pipeline route moved northwards.
TNK-BP oil export plan for Odessa.
YUKOS oil export plan for 2004.
North Europe Gas Pipeline project tender announced.
Gas transit through Kazakhstan.
Uranium imports from Libya.
Vyksa Pipe Mill making pipe for Sakhalin-2 pipeline.
Rosneft and British Petroleum agree Sakhalin-5 joint venture.
BASF and Gazprom officials meet.
Lukoil sets up JV with Aramco to work Saudi gasfield.
Schlumberger sign cooperation agreement with Tyumen Province.
Russian oil refining in January-February
YUKOS refining plan for 2004.
Perm refinery hydrocracker.
SIBUR output in 2003 by product.
Surgutneftegaz gas plants.
Ukrtatnafta supply of oil to Kremenchug oil refinery in 2003 and plan for 2004.
Eastern Siberia and Far East exploration plans for Krasnoyarsk Province and Yakutiya.
Shtokmanovskoye production plan.
Lukoil completes seismic survey at Severo-Vankorsk.
YUKOS licences redistributed.
Surgutneftegaz to buy Russian engineering equipment.
Bulgarian oil imports in February.
Czech Unipetrol finances for 2003.
Czech coal privatisation progressing as Karbon Invest ups bid for Ostravsko-Karvinske Doly.
CEZ finances in 2003
Czech oil and product data for Jan-Nov 2003.
Nabucco Consortium to set up joint venture.
MOL gas supply in 2003-2004 winter.
PKN Orlen filling stations.
PGNiG discusses gas supply reliability with Gazprom.
Lotos Group finances in 2003.
Odessa-Brody pipeline to start up shortly.
Yamal-2 construction plan.
Romanian oil imports.
Romanian gas company tender.
Slovnaft revenue data in 2003.
SPP provatisation.

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